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PVA Porter Building

Thanks to your support, we’ve acquired the 12,000 sq. ft. Porter Building at 280 Main Street in Watsonville, aligning with our mission of bringing the community together through the arts!

Our Vision:
  • Create a vibrant, centrally located community hub.
  • Offer dedicated space for local artists to create, perform, and promote their art.
  • Develop diverse opportunities for workshops, classrooms, and performances in arts and humanities for all ages.
  • Support and expand arts educational programs in collaboration with PVUSD.

Join us in achieving these goals—partner and donate today!

Current Operations:
While the Porter Building undergoes transformation, Sudden Street will remain our main gallery space and office until the full move-in. The Porter Building will be open for limited hours, specifically for special events and exhibits. To support the expansion, we anticipate investing in additional staffing and covering heightened maintenance and utility costs. Our timeline aims for occupancy in 2025. Your ongoing support is crucial in making this vision a reality! Visit our Event Calendar for updated open hours.

Acquisition of the Porter Building:
Over three years, PVA negotiated the purchase of the Porter Building from the City of Watsonville for $1,150,000, funded by an individual donation and a $540,000 grant from the Hewlett Foundation, administered by Community Vision Capital and Consulting. Located on the corner of Main and Maple Streets, this historic building, designed by William Week in 1903, has seen various uses, including being a Post Office. Surviving floods and the 1989 earthquake (with a retrofit by the City of Watsonville), the Porter Building stands at the intersection of Watsonville’s historic and civic districts. Letters in support of PVA proposal for Porter Building (pdf file)

Required Improvements:
To unlock the full potential of the Porter Building, we’re embarking on renovations estimated at $3-4 million. Beyond building improvements, this includes unforeseen costs and equipping diverse spaces. Our goal is to raise $3-$4 million through grants and donations to bring this vision to life. Your support is vital in creating a vibrant community hub! Be part of our journey and contribute to our goals by donating today!