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Art Salons

WATCH HERE Art Salon – March 23, 2023

Linda Christensen – Painter
Linda Christensen paints rich colorful images of the figure, blending the freedom of her abstract sensibility while portraying the emotional moment in human pose. She enjoys challenging herself with obstacles in a composition and venturing forward in the unknown to search for a creative solution, an intentional process of art mirroring the painter’s life.
Dag Weiser – Multimedia Artist
Dag Weiser works in a variety of media including oil, pastel, ink, bronze, collage, and very often cardboard gaining him the moniker “Mr. Cardboard.” His creative works include music, sound collage, as well as collaborations with dance and theater groups. He is “one of Santa Cruz’s most daring and mischievous artists, a playful yet committed provocateur whose work often shines with pointed political messaging and irreverent humor.”
Juan R. Fuentes – Printmaker & Social Activist
Juan Fuentes is an artist/activist in support of the global movement for social change. His posters and relief prints address many issues relating to communities of color, social justice, racism and international struggles for liberation. His beautiful designs have been translated into three monumental mosaic murals of the ongoing Watsonville Brillante Project installed outside the Watsonville Civic Plaza Parking Garage.

Virtual Art Salon – August 24, 2022
Featured Artists: Yonat Michaelov, Jody Alexander and Tobin Keller

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – August 24, 2022

Virtual Art Salon – April 13, 2022
Featured Artists: Abi Mustapha, Natalia Anciso and José G. Ortiz.

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – April 13, 2022

Virtual Art Salon – January 26, 2022
Featured Artists: Adon Valenziano, Victoria May and Kathleen Crocetti.

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – January 26, 2022

Adon Valenziano, sculptor, creates elegant naturalistic images he terms “biometamorphs.” Using a combination of bronze, wood and glass the images are deeply rooted in the natural world in combination with the synthetic or machine world.
Victoria May, multimedia artist, constructs highly-crafted conceptual objects pairing contrasting found, discarded materials that often emphasize dichotomies like crude and delicate, hand and machine, speaking to the contradictions we witness daily.
Kathleen Crocetti, prolific multimedia artist has a dual studio and public art practice. Her studio work explores a long-standing fascination with optics, color and light. Her public art projects continue to beautify our cities and demonstrate how art has the power to bring us together for the greater good.

Virtual Art Salon – August 19, 2021
Featured Artists: Jeff Arnett, Lucien Kubo and Angela Gleason

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – August 19, 2021

Virtual Art Salon – May 13, 2021
Featured Artists: Wendy Aikin, Arleene Correa Valencia and Lynda Watson

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – May 13, 2021

Virtual Art Salon – February 10, 2021
Featured Artists: Guillermo “Yermo” Aranda, Daniella Woolf, and Peter Thomas

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – February 10, 2021

Guillermo Aranda:

Daniella Woolf:
Volume 1, pages 001-059:
Volume 2, pages 060-121:
Volume 3, pages 122-182:
Volume 4, pages 183-242:
Volume 5, pages 243-295:
Volume 6, pages 296-365:

Peter and Donna Thomas:

Virtual Art Salon – December 3, 2020
Featured Artists: Heidi Alonzo, Randie Silverstein, and John Babcock

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – December 3, 2020

Heidi Alonzo:
Randie Silverstein:
John Babcock:

Virtual Art Salon – October 14, 2020
Featured Artists: Jane Gregorius, Jean Sheckler Beebe, and Carmen Léon

WATCH HERE: Art Salon – October 14, 2020

Jane Gregorius:
Jean Sheckler Beebe:

Virtual Art Salon – June 25, 2020
Featured Artists: Chris Miroyan, Susanna Waddell, and Rose Sellery

The gallery was too small to host our Art Salon during shelter-in-place, we hosted our first VIRTUAL Art Salon via Zoom.
WATCH HERE: Art Salon – June 25, 2020

Chris MIroyan:
Rose Sellery:
Susanna Waddell