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Take Aways: Art to Go!

    Pajaro Valley Arts invite you to join us for our first exhibit of 2022 Take Aways: Art to Go!

    Curated by: Jane Gregorius and Chris Miroyan
    Assistant: Carol Walberg

    Exhibit dates: January 19 – March 6, 2022

    Opening Reception: Sunday, January 23 (Postponed)
    Due to the COVID-19 Omicron surge, we have decided to postpone the Opening Reception. We will analyze the situation on a regular base, in hopes that we can hopefully schedule a celebration as soon as we can before the exhibition ends.

    This annual invitational exhibit features seventy-three of the county’s most notable artists. As a fundraising event, these artists are presenting works that fit into many budgets.

    Jamie Abbott, Susana Arias, Ron Baldwin, Mike Beebe, Eva Bernstein, Hildy Bernstein, Joan Blackmer,
    Michelle Brightstar, Linda Christensen, Trina Coffman-Gomez, Judy Cooper, Susan Costes, Pablo Cubangbang,
    Poppy de Garmo, Terry Dowell, Barbara Downs, Susan Else, Linda Fillhardt, Janet Fine, David Fleming,
    Sara Friedlander, Juan R. Fuentes, Felicia Gilman, Shelby Graham, Jane Gregorius, Lynn Guenther,
    Karuna Gutowski, Deena Haynes, Hedwig Heerschop, Roy Holmberg, Dee Hooker, Tessa Hope Hasty,
    John Hylton, Amy Díaz-Infante, Edward Izquierdo, Tobin Keller, Peter Koronakos, Carmen León, Lyn MacDonald,
    Jasper Marino, Dan Martinez, Priscilla Martinez, Marty McGillivray, John McKinley, Ann Miya, Chris Miroyan,
    Cheryl Moreno, Margaret Murray, Michael Mote, Mary Neater, Bruce Nicholson, Margaret Niven,
    Charles Prentiss, Andrew Purchin, Taylor Reinhold, Jaime Sánchez, Beth Shields, Kathryn Stowell,
    Donna Thompson, Lynne Todaro, Ginger Tolonen, Adriana Torres, Adon Valenziano, Peter Vizzusi,
    Susanna Waddell, Jenni Ward, Lynda Watson, Mary Weeks, Dag Weiser, Gretchen Werner, Stan Welsh,
    Melissa West, Daniella Woolf.

    Several donated pieces will be part of a raffle drawing during the closing reception on March 6.

    In this wildly popular show everyone benefits; you take home fabulous art the day of your purchase, the artists and PVA get their normal commissions, and new art comes into the gallery everyday!

    Closing Reception & Raffle:
    Sunday, March 6
    2:00PM – 4:00PM