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julio 26, 2019

Our Bounty: Plein Air

Among the Vines, (Windy Oaks) © Erika Perloff

Our Bounty: Plein Air
Curator: Susanna Waddell
Co-Curators: Judy Cooper, Bruce Nicholson

Exhibit Dates: August 14 – September 29, 2019

Opening Reception: Sunday, August 18, 2019
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

“Love of the land lies deep within the human spirit.”
—Diane Cooley

Fifty-five artists were invited to brave the weather, climb hills,
lug easels, paint, and canvases to sites in southern Santa Cruz
County. Painting outside on the land, en Plein Air, has long been
a traditional pursuit in the Santa Cruz area because of the
natural light and beauty of our collective landscape.

Generous land owners, directors and ranch managers
have granted access during the month of July for the painting.

We hope you will enjoy the different artist interpretations of the 
same properties and appreciate the importance of protecting
“Our Bounty” and being stewards of the land.

  —Curator: Susanna Waddell, 2019