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Campesinos: Workers of the Land

    Campesinos: Workers of the Land

    Campesinos: Workers of the Land; Virtual Tour
    Campesinos Poetry Reading

    Campesinos: Workers of the Land, exhibit will open when shelter-in-place is lifted and be on view in the gallery through October 4, 2020.

    We have a spectacular exhibit at the Pajaro Valley Arts gallery, sitting behind locked doors. While our gallery door is currently closed for the safety of our staff, guests and community, our virtual door is open for you to experience Campesinos: Workers of the Land online at:

    We are grateful for the dedication of our agricultural workers, and celebrate their contributions through Campesinos: Workers of the Land.

    Exhibit planning started late in 2019 as collaboration between Consuelo Alba, Watsonville Film Festival; Gabe Medina, Watsonville Artist Meet-up; and Pajaro Valley Arts. Ms. Alba was looking for a venue to show the work of two artists who were to be highlighted during the film festival. Farmworkers are central themes for both artists. Together, we expanded this concept so that regional artists would have the opportunity to show their work.

    This exhibit was conceived to honor the dignity of our campesinos/agricultural workers and farmers. We asked artists to create and bring us work that represent what they see, feel, and believe as they pass by our fields everyday. We asked for artwork that represents the issues of dignity, labor, workers’ rights, immigration, and the duality of every day living for migrant workers. We received incredibly personal, visual and audio stories that celebrate the lives and contributions of our families and community of agricultural workers.

    Artists: Hannah Baldrige • Carlos Campos • Jessica Carrasco • Ruth Carroll • Victor Cervantes  Warren Chang  • Arleene Correa Valencia • Linda Curtis • Kati D’Amore Francisco Joseph Dominguez • Jenny Dowd • Veronica Eldredge • David Fleming  Armando Franco • Juan R. Fuentes • Ome Garcia • Michele Hausman Hedwig Heerschop • Erica Hernandez • Rosa Gabriela Hernandez • Bill Kennann  • Lucien Kubo • Barbara Lawrence • Yesenia Magdaleno-Solis • Mac McWilliams Gabriel J. Medina • Jay Mercado • Jonathan Sánchez Moreno • Don Monkerud Ed Penniman • Joel Rigler • Jaime Sánchez •  Craig Sherod • Leon Sun • Shmuel Thaler  Samuel Torres Jr. • Graciela Vega

    Curated by: Gabriel J. Medina and Judy Stabile
    Juried by: Consuelo Alba, Gabriel J. Medina and Judy Stabile