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Alma Sagrada – Educational Materials

Alma Sagrada: Cultivando Ritmos Naturales

In conjuction with the exhibit, Alma Sagrada: Cultivando Ritmos Naturales, (Sacred Soul: Cultivating Natural Rhythms), The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band shares their Protect Juristac Curriculum, an entirely customizable set of lesson plans that have been developed to support teachers in educating students of all ages. The curriculum below is offered free of charge and is geared towards students in middle school and higher grades.

Look for Stan Rushworth‘s collage in the virtual tour, and listen to his description below:

Campesinos: Workers of the Land 2020 – Educational Materials

Campesinos: Workers of the Land

This exhibit was conceived to honor the dignity of our campesinos/agricultural workers and farmers. We asked artists to create and bring us work that represented what they see, feel, and believe as they pass by our fields everyday. We asked for artwork that reflected the issues of dignity, labor, workers’ rights, immigration, and the duality of every day living for migrant workers. We received incredibly personal, visual and audio stories that celebrate the lives and contributions of our families and community of agricultural workers.

Hablamos Juntos/Together We Speak 2018 – Educational Materials

Hablamos Juntos/Together We Speak
Un Diálogo Visual/A Visual Dialog

In 2018 along with Museo Eduardo Carrillo and the Young Writers Program, PVA presented the exhibit Hablamos Juntos/Together We Speak: Un Diálogo Visual/a Visual Dialog curated by Juan R. Fuentes and Michelle P. Mouton. The exhibit was based on the our 2015 Hablamos Juntos Poster Series and explored visual dialogs created by prominent California Latinx artists. Experience how our artists give voice to and navigate: daily life, current events, social, political and cultural issues, community, ethnicity, as well as personal narratives, myths, and history.

The curriculum created as a result of this exhibit was designed to empower our Latine/x community through personal dialogue with notable Latine/x artists. The powerful artwork is used as a basis for the curriculum combined with in depth materials presented by each artist. The project is designed to spark youth’s interest in and about art, pursuing a career as an artist, or considering how to bring art more consistently into their daily lives providing a deepened experience for youth and adults alike.

Artwork: Documented © 2015 Juan R. Fuentes

The Young Writers Program has worked with students to respond verbally and in writing to the artwork. This resulted in the publication of a series of Hablamos Juntos books that combines the images with written reaction from students. In 2016, the images from this project were also placed throughout the Watsonville community as the focal points for an Art Walk through the streets of Watsonville where several of the artists were present to discuss their work and answer questions from the general public.