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Past Exhibitions & Events

Sculpture IS: In the Garden 2020

Sculpture IS: In the Garden 2020, marks our fourteenth sculpture exhibit in partnership with Sierra Azul Nursery and Garden.

The jurors, Susana Arias, Jamie Abbott and Jeff Rosendale, selected over 90 sculptures created by 42 artists and collaborators.

Visit the stunning two-acre demonstration garden, relax under the umbrellas, and spend an afternoon enjoying
the exhibit.

Funding has been provided by California Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act economic stabilization plan of 2020.

Vote! Your Vote is Your Voice/¡Vote! Su Voto es Su Voz

Exhibit Dates: January 27 – November 6, 2020

At the Santa Cruz County Government Center

701 Ocean Street, 3rd Floor, Santa Cruz, CA

HOURS: MONDAY – FRIDAY from 8:00am – 5:00 pm

Presented by Pajaro Valley Arts, Vote! Your Vote is Your Voice was invited by County Clerk, Gail Pellerin, to reprise our 2019 exhibit at the County of Santa Cruz Government Center during their most important 2020 election season. This exhibit aims to inform, inspire and develop greater interest in the non-partisan democratic process. Co-curated by Maria Gitin and Pajaro Valley Arts Curator Judy Stabile, the exhibit features Bob Fitch photography from the archives of  Stanford University Library and artifacts from civil rights veteran Maria Gitin.  The exhibit includes contemporary regional artists interpretation of voting rights and informative displays from Santa Cruz County Elections Department and Watsonville City Clerk’s Office. A visual timeline highlights key events in voting rights history including the historic Watsonville v. Gomez case.  The exhibit is presented in partnership with Santa Cruz County Elections Department, and Santa Cruz County Arts Commission.  

TOURS: For history of the exhibit and group tours Monday-Friday 10:00am – 2:pm Contact Curator, Maria Gitin: to make an appointment.

Participating Artists:
Jessica Carrasco, Myra Eastman, Bob Fitch, Jane Gregorius, Hedwig Heerschop, Matt Herron, Lucien Kubo, Joshua Moreno, Helen Ruiz-Thomas,Jaime Sánchez, Sandra Takashima Shaw, Peggy Snider, and Carol Wallberg.

The exhibit is free and open to the public, suitable for students and adults, venue is ADA accessible.

“This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit”

Take Aways: Art To Go!

Take Aways: Art To Go!
January 22 – March 8
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 26, 2:00PM – 4:00PM

This annual invitational exhibit features seventy-seven of the county’s most notable artists. As a fundraising event these artists are presenting works that fit into many budgets. Several donated pieces will be part of a raffle drawing during the closing reception on March 8. In this wildly popular show everyone benefits; you take home fabulous art the day of your purchase, the artists and PVA get their normal commissions, and new art comes into the gallery every day!

Click here for the Virtual Tour

Mi Casa es Tu Casa – Pasajes y Puentes / Passages and Bridges

Mi Casa es Tu Casa

Exhibit Dates:
OCTOBER 23 – DECEMBER 15, 2019

Opening Reception:
Sunday, October 27, 2019
2:00pm – 4:00pm

Mi Casa es Tu Casa is PVA’s annual exhibit inspired by Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a traditional holiday in Mexico that celebrates ancestors and others who have passed away. Altars (ofrendas) are built in homes and public spaces to honor and remember the dead. Similar customs exist throughout the world and we share common ground with many cultures in our desire to honor and remember those whom we have lost.

Our theme this year is Pasajes y Puentes / Passages & Bridges. Passage is the act of moving through, over, under, or past something on the way from one place to another. Boats are symbolic of passages as well as the journeys and transitions that we make in life and in death. Bridges can symbolize progress, connections, transitions, and stability, as well as a way to reach a destination.

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 27
2:00PM – 4:00PM
Performances by: El Sistema and Ballet Fo/k/6rico Olin

November 10, 2019: Poetry Reading at the gallery 2:30PM – 3:30PM

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Our Bounty – Plein Air

Among the Vines © 2019 Erika Perloff

Our Bounty: Plein Air
Curator: Susanna Waddell
Co-Curators: Judy Cooper, Bruce Nicholson

Exhibit Dates: August 14 – September 29, 2019

Opening Reception: Sunday, August 18, 2019
2:00pm – 4:00pm

“Love of the land lies deep within the human spirit.”
—Diane Cooley

Fifty-five artists were invited to brave the weather, climb hills, lug easels, paint, and canvases to sites in southern Santa Cruz County. Painting outside on the land, en Plein Air, has long been a traditional pursuit in the Santa Cruz area because of the natural light and beauty of our collective landscape. Generous land owners, directors and ranch managers have granted access during the month of July for the painting.

We hope you will enjoy the different artist interpretations of the  same properties and appreciate the importance of protecting “Our Bounty” and being stewards of the land.

  —Curator: Susanna Waddell, 2019

Click here for virtual tour of Our Bounty – Plein Air  Virtual Tour

Members’ Exhibit “MIRRORS”

Image credit: © 2019 Routine, by Linda Christensen

Annual Members’ Exhibit: MIRRORS
We are pleased to present Pajaro Valley Arts annual members show. This exhibit is a collection of fine art works contributed by seventy-seven of our members. The work in this years’ exhibit includes; paintings, drawings, photography, printmaking, sculptures and mixed media.

PVA annually honors our loyal members, who are comprised of visual artists and art appreciators, with an exhibition featuring their own fine art works.  And each year, these artists are challenged by a theme which, it is hoped, will inspire them to stretch their thinking and ideas to contribute a lively, interesting show.

The theme of this year’s show is Mirrors.  A mirror is a reflecting surface that produces an image of whatever is in front of it. As a verb, it means to represent something honestly or to give a representation of something that is similar to something else. The pieces in this exhibit explore these meanings and how language, culture, personal identity, politics, and customs are reflected in today’s society.

Sunday, June 23
2:00PM – 4:00PM

Take a virtual tour of the exhibit!


Vote! Your Vote is Your Voice
¡Vote! Su Voto es Su Voz

Vote! Your Vote is Your Voice
¡Vote! Su Voto es Su Voz

Exhibit dates: April 3 – May 26, 2019
Opening Reception: April 7
2:00 – 4:00PM

Curator: Maria Gitin
In Memory of Bob Fitch

Bob Fitch Photography Archive, © Stanford University Libraries

This visual art and history exhibit seeks to inspire, inform and develop greater interest in the nonpartisan democratic process. Monterey Bay residents who were active in the Civil Rights Movement of the1960s and Chicano voting rights movement will share their stories and perspectives through art, educational panels and documentary film.

The exhibit features selections from Stanford University Libraries – Bob Fitch Archives and from Maria Gitin’s archives from their experience as young voting rights workers in the Deep South. Artifacts from Watsonville voting rights history and contemporary art that expresses the meaning of voting rights from a variety of perspectives will be displayed. Take a virtual tour of the exhibit. Voting Rights Timeline

Thursday April 4, 2019 7:00-9:00 PM
Voting Rights Films, Watsonville Film Festival
Films: SPLC Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot
PBS Willie Velasquez: Your Vote is Your Voice
275 Main Street,
Watsonville Civic Center, 4th Floor

Thursday April 11, 2019 7:00-9:00 PM
Film: Councilwoman, Watsonville Film Festival
275 Main Street,
Watsonville Civic Center, 4th Floor

Sunday April 14th 2-3:30
Curator’s Talk Maria Gitin
Guided Tour in the Gallery

Thursday April 18, 6-8 PM
El Florecer De La Mujer

If you missed this panel, you can watch the video here.
275 Main Street
Watsonville Civic Center, 4th Floor

Latina leaders discuss their history of community organizing that led to Gomez v. City of Watsonville case.
Moderator: Shirley Castillo, MSW
Panelists: Cruz Gomez, Shirley Flores Munoz, Naomi Quinonez, Odelia Galvan Rodriguez, Rosie Murillo, and Raquel Mariscal.

Thursday  April 25, 6-8 PM 
This Bright Light of Ours: Stories from the Voting Rights Fight

275 Main Street
Watsonville Civic Center, 4th Floor

Maria Gitin will share historic images and stories
from grassroots workers in the nonviolent army
that risked their lives for voting rights.

Saturday May 18th 2-4 PM
Landmark Voting Rights Victory: Gomez V Watsonville

275 Main Street
Watsonville Civic Center, 4th Floor

Moderator: Samuel Torres Jr., former Santa Cruz County Counsel
Panelists: Paule Cruz Takash, Anthropologist
and Watsonville Chronicler Daniel Dodge, MALDEF paralegal on Gomez v Watsonville, and former Mayor
Karina Cervantez, former Mayor and UCSC
Doctoral Candidate

Exhibit Design by:
Judy Stabile, Carol Walberg and Joshua Moreno

Cultural & Exhibit Advisor:

Ana Ventura-Phares,
Samuel Torres Jr.

This project was made possible with support
from California Humanities, a non-profit partner
of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit